jQuery Countdown Drupal Module

Provides the jQuery Countdown plugin by Keith Wood, along with a simple API function (jquery_countdown_add) to easily add countdown/countup timer elements to the page.

Submodule: jquery_countdown_block

There is a submodule called "jQuery Countdown Block" - we can use this submodule to provide one or more countdowns as a Block. It´s very easy go to "admin/build/block" and click on the local task "Add countdown block". Now configure the countdown how ever you want. After save you have now a block that can be placed on every region.

Example for development usage:

We can use jQuery Countdown in two different ways, one is using theme('jquery_countdown'), the other is using jquery_countdown_add(). The following would display the amount of time since the New Year...

  echo theme('jquery_countdown', array(
    'since' => date("F d, Y g:i a", mktime(0,0,0,0,0,2009)),
    'format' => 'YOWDHMS',
    'description' => t('Since New Year'),

In this example, we display an alert box saying "You are done!" after counting down from 10...

  echo '
10 seconds!
'; jquery_countdown_add(".countdown", array("until" => 10, "onExpiry" => "finished")); drupal_add_js("function finished() { alert('You are done!'); }", 'inline');

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