This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module is a full-function, ajaxified private message system that allows for private messages between users on a site. It has been written to be fully configurable through the UI, and extendable using Drupal 8 APIs.

Themer(s) wanted!

The functionality of the module is there, but it doesn't look so nice. It's a very bare-bones theme with minimal styling. If anyone wants to contribute a theme/themes that can be included in the module, please contact Jaypan.


  • Ajax messaging system - loads new messages without page reloads
  • Ajax refresh time is customizable
  • Ajax refreshed inbox. If a comment is made on a thread by another user, the inbox will update without requiring a page load. The number of seconds between refreshes is customizable.
  • Messages can be ordered ascending or descending
  • Message form can be placed above or below the messages
  • Coded to be fully customizable - almost nothing is hard-coded
  • Messages and threads are fieldable entities
  • Autocomplete tagging system for adding users to threads, similar to those seen on major Social Networking services
  • Email notifications to thread members
  • Notification block showing unread message count, with link to the private messages page.
  • Notification block updates unread thread count with AJAX. The number of seconds between refreshes is customizable.
  • Ajax loading of threads when a link is clicked in the inbox.
  • Inbox ties into the browser back/forward buttons, so that clicking these buttons will load a thread through AJAX rather than reloading the page
  • Maximum number of users can be set for threads
  • Optional link to send a private message can be added to user accounts
  • Optional link to send a private message to node authors can be added to nodes
  • Optional link to send a private message to node authors can be added to comments

Installation and Configuration

See the documentation (link in the sidebar) for instructions on how to install and customize the module to your needs.


All planned features for a full release of the module have been implemented. The module just needs some testing, and some automated tests, in order for version 1.0 to be released. Patches for automated tests will be welcomed warmly, and any testing is appreciated.

Please see this issue for more specific details on what is needed for a full release.

Upgrading versions

  • If you are upgrading to beta3 or beyond, you need to go to Admin -> Structure -> Private Messages -> Private Message Threads -> Manage Form Display [requires field_uid module], and for the 'members' field, select the 'private message members autocomplete' widget, and then save.
  • If you are upgrading to beta9 or beyond, and want to use the notification block, you will need to manually add the block.


This module has been developed from the ground-up by Jaypan. We specialize in high-performance ajax applications, as well as upgrades to Drupal 8.

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