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This module is a javascript-framework-agnostic, progressive decoupling tool to allow custom blocks to be written by front end developers in the javascript framework of their choice, without needing to know any Drupal API's.

It keeps individual components encapsulated in their own directories containing all the css, js, and template assets necessary for them to work, and using an info.yml file to declare these components and their framework dependencies to Drupal.

It works! As of right now the Angular 2 implementation is by far the most built out, because that's where a lot of my time is being spent at my actual job. There is also a really basic React implementation, and a "hello world" example component is provided.

This is Alpha software so it is still mainly intended for the adventurous developer at this point, but you can download this module, turn on the Angular 2 or React sub-modules and place a framework-driven block on a page.

I need help! Right now the biggest needs I have are for people who:

  • Know Drupal 8 really well and want to improve my D8 architecture.
  • Know a javascript framework really well and want to help get it set up for use with this module. As I said above, the Angular 2 build is my main focus but I'd love to find people who'd like to help in building out the React / Ember / whatever else versions as well.

If you are interested in getting involved, let me know!

Join our weekly meetings every Monday at 4pm Eastern time here:

Also a shout out to Jason Smith, who dreamt up and architected the original version.

See also: (Github repo) (Drupal VM for project quickstart)

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