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This module defines a Panels pane style which changes from stacked to tabbed as the screen width shrinks.

User stories:

As an themer, I want to be able to make panel panes that switch between stacked and tabbed view as the user's viewport changes, so that I can save vertical space when my site is viewed on a mobile device.


This module requires the following modules:

Drupal 7 version:

  • The authors of this module made every effort to reduce the amount of markup that this module outputs. However, if you wish to reduce the markup output by the Panels panes and layouts, the Clean Markup module can be used to do so.


The 1.x branch is the current stable branch.

I do plan to port this module to Drupal 8.

Beyond that, I don't really have any new features planned. That being said, I'm open to patches so long as they don't over-complicate the module.

Known problems

I don't know of any problems at this time, so if you find one, please let us know by adding an issue!


Current co-maintainers:

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The current co-maintainers are not currently accepting donations.

However, if you are willing to pay this module's co-maintainers to work on a bug that affects your project, or add a feature you require, please contact the co-maintainers directly using the contact form on their respective user account pages.

Help wanted!

Maintaining a project can be a lot of work, and the current co-maintainers of this project have full-time jobs, are not paid to maintain this module, and maintain a few other projects besides this one.

More co-maintainers to help triage issues, test patches for regressions, and add features would be greatly appreciated and would help us to resolve issues faster! If you are interested in becoming a co-maintainer, please open an issue asking to become a maintainer!

If you are aware of any other similar projects, please let us know by adding an issue!


This module does not depend on any external service (e.g. SaaS) or libraries to be fully functional.


This module has no artificial restrictions: the version available from has full functionality. No paid version is available.

Supporting organizations: 
Paid mparker17 to work on the module

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