The Open Y platform is a content management system that uses Drupal 8 functionality and useful modules from YMCAs and digital partners. It’s easy and free to use—everyone is welcome to implement Open Y and run Open Y projects.

In 2016 a group of YMCA digital, marketing, and technology experts recognized the digital opportunities that exist if we work together as a community and established Open Y.

A core team led by a small group of YMCAs including the Greater Twin Cities, Greater Seattle and YMCA of Greater Houston:

  • Maintains the Open Y content management system
  • Ensures all basic functionality accessible from the content management system is available free of charge—those who contribute cannot charge others for what is shared
  • Strives to be aware of issues found within the Open Y content management system
  • Is not liable for bugs, crashes or performance issues of the content management system
  • Invites and approves digital partners to join
  • Offers training for Open Y Specialists—digital partners that are very familiar with the platform
  • Offers certification for Open Y Integrators—digital partners that can install and work directly on the codebase
  • Distributes communication about Open Y
  • Organizes events for the Open Y community—including an annual meeting each June
  • More info on the Open Y movement at


To see a demo and tutorial of the Open Y CMS experience visit Log in with "admin", Password is "openy". Once you have logged in, go to the and click on "Start Guided Tour".

The demo includes:


We recommend using Composer to build and maintain your project.

composer create-project ymcatwincities/openy-project MY_PROJECT --no-interaction --no-dev

For more information see our Open Y Project README, documentation, and case study.

We don't recommend install Open Y from archives, because it doesn't have all necessary dependencies due to outdated method of building(using drush make).

Please use GitHub for code, reporting bugs, or requesting new features.

Supporting organizations: 

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