This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Open Enterprise Apps

Open Enterprise is designed to greatly simplify deployment of typical Drupal websites and popular components. It leverages the novel Apps model to enable one click installs of a growing library of popular plug and play features such as blogs, FAQs, events, locations and photo galleries. Its primary goal is to make Drupal simple enough for non-technical people yet retain all of Drupal’s legendary power and flexibility.

Open Enterprise was designed to serve three needs:

  1. Enhanced Drupal base install – By moving the bulk of site building to Apps that can be installed at any time, the Open Enterprise core is able to be lightweight and adaptable for virtually any Drupal project. The core contains essential modules, usability enhancements and a clever WYSIWYG implementation. If you are new to Drupal, OE can be a great way to learn how to build robust sites. If you are an expert, it can help you get a big jump on your next project.
  2. Business, organization and general websites – Open Enterprise’s App server is full of popular features commonly found on corporate, non-profit, personal and other websites. By combining Drupal 7 and OE’s core usability enhancements with the one click install ease of Apps, the power of Drupal is finally readily accessible to all organizations.
  3. Inbound marketing engine – While you can build common business and organizational websites quickly with OE, it really shines as the hub for expanding your digital footprint and building your organization online. It provides a one-of-a-kind suite of content strategy, SEO and social media tools to help drive traffic, engage visitors, convert & retain champions and unleash your online brand.

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Small Core

One of the unique things about the OpenEnterprise distribution is our introduction of the "Small Core" concept. We have tried to keep the distribution as simple as possible and a key part of that was taking all the customizations and features out of the core distribution and put them into apps as well. Our "Small Core" is comprised of basic sitebuilding and setup modules that are installed on almost all sites. We don't include any custom modules or features that are not common site building contrib modules.

So how do we get all those custom cool features into our distribution? We package them up into Apps. Apps allow us to move these features into easily discoverable packages that can be installed with the click of a button inside your website. Apps can also download any dependent modules as well so you no longer have to worry about which modules to include, just download the apps and they will add the modules for you.


The apps system utilized by Open Enterprise uses the same installation mechanism as the Update module in core. Configuring this is sometimes challenging. You can see detailed instructions at

If you are installing Open Enterprise on a laptop or demo computer and aren't worried about the security implementations, a quick way to get a look at the apps in Open Enterprise is to set your sites directory to globally writable. You can do this by typing chmod -R 777 sites in the base of your install directory. This will set the sites directory and everything within it to writable.

Available Apps

Some of our featured apps available in OpenEnterprise:

Available Themes

Some of our featured themes available in OpenEnterprise:

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