Advanced Forum builds on and enhances Drupal's core forum module. When used in combination with other Drupal contributed modules, many of which are automatically used by Advanced Forum, you can achieve much of what stand alone software provides. Because it uses the core forum module, it uses the node and comment system built into Drupal and is completely integrated, not a bridge. While it doesn't have all of the features of stand alone forum applications, being completely integrated into your site provides advantages that they don't.

Please note: There is a core issue that affects the post count on the forum overview when using access control modules. Please follow #1241854: Any Updates on Incorrect Number of Posts Patch for Drupal 7 (in the presence of node access modules)? rather than posting an issue here as we are now up to 4 duplicate issues in the AF queue on this core issue. Thanks!


1.x features.
2.x features.


  • All versions require core Forum and a PHPTemplate based theme. Core Statistics is required for the "views" column in topic listings but not a hard requirement as the column can be removed.
  • D6 1.x requires Author Pane 2.x.
  • D6 2.x requires Chaos Tools and Views. Some features require Node Comments 2.x.
  • D7 requires Views and CTools.
  • For a complete forum package, see this list of other contrib modules.

Additional styles

Advanced Forum Bootstrap
Advanced Forum More Styles

Version Status

Last updated: November 2014

  • D6 1.x: This branch is feature complete and will only be getting security fixes fixes at this point. Support requests are iffy due to time constraints. Even though this is the stable branch, you should consider using 2.x if the remaining bugs don't affect you.
  • D6 2.x: This is feature complete but still has some bugs. This will likely not see a full release at this point unless someone steps up to do it.
  • D7 2.x: Supported by @podarok.
  • D8 Porting started externally on GitHub.
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