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About OpenChurch

The OpenChurch distribution is for churches and ministries. It is a flexible platform with common features for churches that can help streamline development of these websites.

Introducing OpenChurch 2x!

We are happy to announce that OpenChurch has been completely re-tooled in version 2x, now available to download! OpenChurch is now built on top of the Panopoly distribution which includes many admin enhancements. OpenChurch is now fully responsive with easy color configuration using the color module (@see screenshots). OpenChurch is now even easier to configure and use.

Try OpenChurch 2x on

Note: An upgrade path for 7.x-2.x is now available!
Do not upgrade your site without reading the upgrade instructions here first.

OpenChurch Features

  • Blog - Includes a list page and archive page, the blog content type is very simple and this does not use the core blog module.
  • Bulletin - Includes block for downloading latest bulletin, also a list page and content type.
  • Events - Includes a list display and uses calendar module for calendar display and integrates well with ministry content
  • Gallery - Integrates with ministry content and is an easy way to manage galleries, uses colorbox for image display.
  • Giving - Includes list display for featured charities
  • Homepage Rotator - a very nice way to feature content on the homepage in a slideshow which is a very common feature on sites today.
  • Ministry - this represents a churches core ministries (Missions, Youth, etc.) and integrates with other content on the site.
  • Podcast - An out of the box sermon podcast page. Also includes a block for showing the most recent podcast. It is called labelled 'Sermons' but can be used for any kind of podcast.
  • SimpleNews - Add a new free app to the App Store that allows administrators to easily set up an online newsletter for their Church site.
  • Social - Social integration with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more! Enable visitors to share content with their social networks.
  • Staff - Includes staff page and integration with well with ministries.
  • Video - Add 3rd party video from Youtube and Vimeo using the media module!

OpenChurch Theme

The OpenChurch 2x theme is a fully responsive sub-theme of the Responsive Bartik theme. The new 2x theme also has color module support for easy color configuration.

OpenChurch Demo Site

See (version 1x) for an interactive demo of OpenChurch (anonymous only).

System Requirements

See the official OpenChurch requirements page for more instructions.

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