This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This is a collection of add-on modules for the Notifications package.

Update: The Notifications Files module has been moved to its own project. This module sends attached files in emails with posts and comments.

New in 6.x-4.x branch:

  • Notifications Comment. Simplified comment subscriptions for registered and anonymous users with (Like Comment Notify)
  • Messaging Debug. Developer tool with extended debug output for Messaging and Notifications.
  • Some modules have been moved to Notifications: Custom Subscriptions, Content type Extension

Modules included (2.x):

  • Custom Subscriptions Allows creating predefined subscriptions and assigning them to users. Provides checkboxes for user registration and can create predefined subscriptions for new users.
  • FeedAPI Subscriptions Allows users to subscribe to feeds and be notified when they are updated.
  • Message Notifications Get notifications about received messages by a different channel. I.e. get a daily mail digest of all SMS notifications received.
  • Nice links Adds nice javascript widget for node subscriptions.
  • CCK Notifications Provides subscriptions to nodes based on CCK fields

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