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Notifications files interface for comments

Notifications Files allows you to include files attached to nodes or comments in outgoing Notifications.


  • Attach files directly to messages sent using PHPMailer or MIME mail
  • Use Token to place plain-text or HTML links to files in messages
  • Include attachments to nodes and comments by comment type, and override these choices during node- and comment-creation
  • Granular selection of files to distribute with node- and comment-notifications during creation
  • Support for Filefield, core Upload, and Comment Upload files


You must configure sending of attachments first for each content type, and then for each sending method.
Note to users upgrading from notifications_extra: you must configure this module for each content type - the configuration form under the Messaging and Notifications menu no longer exists. Additionally, some variables have changed - if you experience any odd behavior try manually deleting any entries from the 'variables' DB table that start with 'notifications_files_'.


Note that the 6.x-2.0 and 6.x-4.0 are the preliminary releases of this module, as the major version number indicates compatibility with Notifications. This module was born as part of the Notifications Add-ons package (6.x-2.x-dev). Many thanks to obrienmd at for sponsoring much of the continued development of this module.

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