Node Reference Highlight (NRHI) is a module that provides the ability to highlight text in a node body and associate another type of node to it by reference. It provides permission and workflow style logic to allow for the following types of interactivity:

  • Allow role X Y and Z to highlight for reference
  • Allow role X to highlight content created by role Y
  • Allow role Y to highlight all content


Actively in development though early testing of alpha1 is stable and more robust then original 6.x. 7.x no longer needs to demonstrate how to implement the API as two example uses of the API come packaged as add on features. NRHI Glossary is now included in this package and replicates the functionality originally provided in the ELMS Terms module.

It now requires the following contributed modules:

The API has also been expanded to allow for non node reference calls. An example implementation of this can be seen out of the box if you enable the Typo Module.


ELMS Content has a sample definition function while ELMS Polls, ELMS Places and other features in ELMS have alter functions to add in the ability to highlight using them. All of these features can be downloaded external to ELMS if you want to just play around with the ELMS Features.

Here's videos from ELMS Alpha 6 showing what you can build with this API:
Creating a Glossary of terms
Associating Map items to content
Associating Timeline items to content
Associating Polls to content

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