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Moderation Dashboard screenshot

Moderation Dashboard provides a per-user dashboard that contains useful blocks related to managing moderated content.

This module is meant as a jumping-off point for administrators to customize the dashboard to fit their content editor's needs. As a result, no update hooks will be provided between releases as users are expected to change the module's default configuration.

Since the dashboard is built entirely with Page Manager and Views, everything you see can be configured via the UI! Feel free to go crazy.


This module requires that Workbench Moderation, Page Manager, and Panels are enabled. Moderation must also be enabled on at least one Content Type.


To customize the dashboard, all you need to do is enable the Views UI and Page Manager UI modules!

For convenience, you can go straight to the Page Manager configuration page at /admin/structure/page_manager/manage/moderation_dashboard/page_variant__moderation_dashboard-panels_variant-0__content

Page Manager is a power-house, and will let you add, remove, configure, and re-order any block normally available in Drupal. Additionally, you can add different Page Variants to the Dashboard and configure their Selection Criteria so that different roles see different dashboards. Go wild!

Extra modules

Moderation Dashboard comes with sub-modules that provide default Views/blocks for specific contrib modules. Currently there are sub-modules for the Scheduled Updates and Moderation Note modules.

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