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Allows you to add fields to menu items and manage their display.

This module is also an excellent starting point for themers wanting to create the markup needed for a flexible a megamenu in Drupal. The module itself does not create a megamenu, but when combined with your own CSS, completely custom megamenus are much more attainable in Drupal. If you're looking for a way to create a megamenu without writing any code, check out TB Megamenu.


  1. Download and enable the module.
  2. Add "administer menu item fields" permission to appropriate roles.
  3. Visit /admin/structure/menu_fields to enable fields for any defined menu.
  4. Click "Manage fields" for that menu to add and re-order order fields and the parent and child links.
  5. Navigate to the menu's overview page and edit an item. Find the fields you added under "Menu Item Fields" a the bottom of the form.
  6. Use either the Menu Block module or Drupal's built in block definition to get your menu with attached fields on your site.

Historical Credit

This module started life as port of the Power Menu module. Power Menu allows users to add fields to menu items (and other things) but for entirely different purposes.

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