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Media Gallery

Uses the Media module to provide a rich media gallery. It currently supports images and youtube videos well. Other file types may or may not work as well, but the facility is there to add them.

This module was developed by the engineering team at Acquia.


  • Add media from URL, upload or existing files
  • Multi-file upload
  • Set rows and columns and dynamically size images to fit space
  • Lightbox support
  • CC license settings
  • Title, description and tags on images
  • Drag and drop re-ordering
  • Gallery collections to group related galleries together
  • Creates gallery blocks


Media gallery is in BETA

Media Gallery is in BETA status. We don't recommend using it on production sites, unless you're able to tolerate bugs, and you maintain frequent database backups of your site. You can use the dev-version, but do not expect it to be production ready. Do not expect upgrade paths before we reach stable. Please note: The 2.x-dev version of this module requires Media >=2.x-beta1!

Known issues

How can I help?

  • Answer questions in the issue queue. There is enough to do in the issue queue. Please share your insights and make sure to search existing issues before filing new ones.
  • Review patches. We need to move the patches through the issue queue, so please help review them. For an easier start, use the media_dev-profile.
  • Write patches. Dig into the issue queue and fix some of the outstanding issues.
  • Write tests. At the moment there are no tests for this module.
  • Drupal handbook. Add some documentation to the Drupal Handbook.


You can try it out yourself by creating a site on Drupal Gardens.

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