Limited Content Views is a node access module which allows you to set a view-per-period quota. An example would be allowing anonymous users to view 3 articles per month, after which they are denied access until the month is up.

It would fit most requirements for a 'Pay Wall' and integrates with Premium Content, so content can be divided into requiring access and then being able to be limited to X number of free clicks (with this module)

How it works

This module works using cookies. Every time a user views a restricted node type, it adds to their total count. Viewing the same restricted node multiple times will not add to the user's quota. Once they have exceeded the set threshold for the time period, they are denied access.

View the README.txt for more information

Ideas for future releases

  1. Integrate session-based tracking for authenticated users
  2. Integrate IP based tracking (?)
  3. Allow per-content type configuration

Please post any ideas you have into the issue queue as 'feature requests'.

Module status

This module is under active development, and was originally sponsored by the Business Spectator. Only working segments of code will be committed, so the module should always be relatively stable. Be aware that there is a very good chance of major API restructures to implement some of the features in the roadmap.

Project information