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Demo of Geysir interface
Native paragrap interface

News: there is a new screencast: Landingpage Geysir experimental submodule!

This is Landing Page Constructor Tool with open architecture that allow to add new components easily and quickly.

You can manipulate with set of Paragraphs to create your Landing Page.

If you want to catch an idea of that module you should install 'LandingPage Event Example' submodule, Bootstrap Theme required to run it.

Test it on

As soon as instance run just turn on in Extends 'LandingPage Event Example' module or 'LandingPage Promo Example' module.

Also please try "Landingpage Geysir (experimental)" submodule, that provide extended Paragraph edit functionality in the view mode. This submodule uses Geysir module. But sort and add new paragtaps features were added.

There are several submodules that generate fake LandingPages:
- LandingPage Event Example
- LandingPage CV Example
- LandingPage CaseStudy Example

You can take a look on that pages without installing these modules:

Also you can support the module, see the details here.

I'm working on the set of tutorial how to add new custom components and how to create beautiful pages with that module.

Project is in active development. Alpha version is available.

More information you can get from README.txt


Projects with similar functionality:

The main difference in the architecture of the modules.

Different supported paragraph types included in the main module in the Parade package, but in LandingPage package each supported paragraph type is a separate sub-module. So you can turn on and use paragraph types that you really need only. But the main idea of such separation is to have an open architecture solution. So one can create a separate paragraph type (need to follow the name convention to be automatically attached to LandingPage content type) as a custom module with new fields and thus extends the existing functionality.

The second difference in the theme and templates approach:

  • LandingPage module provide Theme filed inside LandingPage content type. You can have themes and templates from scratch and another design for your landing page without inheriting of the existing styles of your default theme and stupid overwriting CSS properties.
  • You can set for each paragraph view mode a separate template (take a look in /themes/landingpage_bootstrap/templates/paragraph--landingpage-*.html.twig)
  • also there is an ability to add inline styles for each paragraph that, of course, not the best option, but provide extremely high and unlimited customization abilities in admin area.
  • for each paragraph you can set several classes and support them in your LandingPage theme, I'm not sure that Classy Paragraph approach does'n do the same. But as I remember my experience with that module it allow to customize one class only for each paragraph.

So my Package is not out of box solution but some kind of Drupal Lego or API that can be used by Drupal developers better that by content managers of Drupal sites.

Additional examples

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