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Insert Field provides a method of inserting fields into any text field on the current entity. It does so by using HTML Comments <!-- field_name[delta] --> that can easily be ignored if Insert Field is disabled.

Insert Field allows the administrator to assign which fields can be inserted and which text fields they can be inserted into. The editor is provided with tabs (closed by default) where the specific field can be selected. An "Insert" button is provided for editors to be able to easily insert the HTML comment at the current cursor. If the editor modifies the order of the fields (thereby changing the "delta"), Insert Field will accommodate for this and alter the delta in the text field. The admin also has the ability to dynamically control the display of the inserted field on a per display mode basis. The field may not even be inserted at all in some display modes (such as "Teaser"), in which case processing will be skipped almost entirely and the HTML comment will be printed rather than the field itself.

Supports Field Group.

Module Conflicts

There are a few modules that may conflict with Insert Field. Support will be added for these modules which currently conflict:

Similar Modules

  • Insert
    Only works with File & Image Fields. Hard codes <img> tags in text fields. Display Format cannot be changed nor can the inserted field be removed on the fly.
  • Token Insert
    Insert any token (including other entities). Does not allow individual field items (delta). Inserted field always uses the Field Format from the "Token" Display Mode. Inserted fields cannot be removed on the fly. When Token Filter is disabled, unrendered tokens are left in content.
  • Token Insert Entity
    Cannot insert a single field, only a complete node. Only nodes can be inserted. Inserted node always uses the View Mode specified. Inserted fields cannot be removed on the fly. This functionality can be accomplished with Insert Field by creating an Entity reference field and inserting the field into a the text field of your choice.

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