Allows to configure node view page to redirected to HTTPS.

Valid Usecases

  1. Site with set of webform nodes in random URLs and some of the forms (that collects user sensitive details) should be served in HTTPS -
  2. Serve a basic page/ article with 3rd party content(which is served with HTTPS)


  1. After enable the module, go to node type page and Check 'Enable HTTPS option' under 'HTTPS Node settings'
  2. Now node add & edit pages show 'HTTPS Settings' section


Limitation & Alternative options

  • If the all the nodes of same type need HTTPS (say all webforms) and are all under one path (e.g. under "/survey/*"), we can easily add the redirect in apache level(using .htaccess or httpd.conf file)
  • It is not very efficient way of redirecting as this tries to load the whole page in http and do the same after redirect.

Related projects

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