This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

A small process which will redirect the required pages to a SSL version of the page.

D7 status

The 7.x-dev release should be working for most uses. There are a few core bugs that are holding up a full release:

Steps to install Secure Pages 7.x-dev

Despite these issues still exist in Drupal 7, and are unlikely to be resolved, we are now working towards a stable release of Secure Pages.

This module makes sure that the user is running on a secure page when they create or edit content, view user details, or administer the site.

Make sure that your web server has SSL enabled and your Drupal installation has been configured to support SSL access

Related modules:

Drupal 6 users of this module should consider using Secure Pages Hijack Prevention which makes "mixed mode" SSL more secure.

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