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The HTML2Book module allows you to create multi-page books by splitting the body text of a book page node into multiple nodes upon save. The split points are based upon HTML heading tags.

This makes it possible to create a book in a word processing program, export the result to HTML, and then use this HTML to create a multipage Drupal book.


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  1. Install as you would normally install a contributed drupal module. See: Installing modules for further information.
  2. Enable the HTML2Body module on the Modules list page.
  3. Navigate to the Admin » People » Permissions page and give the roles you will grant access to create multi-page books by means of this module the permission “Use HTML2Book“.


The module has no menu or modifiable settings. There is no global configuration. When enabled, the module will add the field group named “HTML2Book Splitter” below the book page “Body” field. To remove this field group, disable the module and clear caches.

The books pages created with this module are regular book pages that will stay around after the module has been disabled. On a production site, once you're done converting the HTML files you want to convert, you should disable the module.

Similar projects

I am aware of two other projects that are similar to this:

  • HTML Import:
    This is a project that started in 2015 and creates a Drupal book from HTML. It seems to specifically address conversion of HTML exported from MS Word, Adobe Indesign and PDF.
  • Import HTML:
    This project converts pages linked from a siteroot on a legacy web server into Drupal nodes, retaining the original link structure.


The current code creates the whole book in a single pass, which works fine for small books but not large ones. The code needs to be rewritten to create the child pages in batches. I would welcome a patch to do that.


Any help with development (patches, reviews, comments) are welcome.

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