Aims to be a one-stop shop for all Web services functionality offered within the Aegir Hosting System. It allows for remote site management via the Services framework.

The following modules are included in the suite:

  • Aegir Services API (the base module)
  • Aegir Services Example REST Endpoint
  • Aegir Services Example Client
  • Aegir SaaS

The Aegir SaaS sub-module sets up a fully functional endpoint (via the Aegir Services API) allowing for remote administration of sites, notably creating new ones, for software-as-a-service (SaaS) / site-factory Aegir set-ups. It fully configures a service endpoint providing common parameters for site creation as configured in the module's settings. Using the API's task resource, sites can also be disabled, enabled, deleted, and have any other task performed on them supported by your Aegir installation. See the module's README for more information.


Client Modules

Originally forked from a project by cmcintosh.

Supporting organizations: 
Major revamp of 7.x branch
Sponsored development for 7.x
Merged and embellished SaaS functionality

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