This is a Git port of cvs-release-notes.php, which lived in the tricks repo back in CVS land.


The script is a Drush command and it must be installed into `.drush` directory (for Windows: `%USERPROFILE%/.drush/`, for Linux: `~/.drush`) in a sub-directory named `grn`.

You may install the module using Drush (drush dl grn) or just manualy expand the archive you download from the module's drupal.org page.

For more information about installing Drush commands, please see the Drush
documentation (http://drush.ws)

Features & Usage

This script is a Drush command that generates release notes from commits
between two git reference object. This is the basic syntax for the command

drush release-notes <start> <end>

The `` and `` arguments can be tag names or commit SHA1 hashes. You can use a branch name for the `` argument (for example, when you have not had a tag created yet. The `` argument can also be a remote branch. For example when the branch is not checked out localy you may try something like this:

drush rn 6.x-1.0 origin/6.x-1.x

If you only provide the tag, the previous tag before that will be used as tag. If both tags are ommitted, the latest tag will be used as the tag.

The command `release-notes`, has the aliases: `relnotes` and `rn` and there is support for `--pipe`. The command options are:

Set the base url for all issue-links. Defaults to /node/ for Drupal.org usage. Issue number will be appended to path or replace "%s".
Display the commits in the format for CHANGELOG.txt as expected by drupal.org.
If set, output will show the number of commits between the two tags
Attach a link to the commit in drupalcode.org repository viewer to the end of the commit lines.
Path to the git binary, defaults to "git"
Do not try to link to user page using the /u/alias, as used in drupal.org
Pretty format of the message, see the git-log man page (section "PRETTY FORMATS")
Display the commits from old to new instead of the default Git behavior that is new to old.

The commit messages undergo some modifications before reaching the output.
- Issue numbers of the form `#12345` will be transformed into links of the form `#12345`.
- Commit message prefixes like "Issue ", "Patch ", or "- " are removed.

There is a `hook_release_notes_alter()` that can be used to further process the output.


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