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Relations with GraphAPI
Relation Display field settings
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Graph API is a module to manage a data structures containing graph information.

With this module your can visualize relational data like module dependencies or relations through node or user references or even with a text field through input filter.

You need a graphing engine enabled to get some output.


As Graph API needs data for it's rendered graphs it needs


Modules providing graph engines

Graph API requires a graphing engine for its output. The following modules provide these engines:

Modules using Graph API


Getting started

Input filter

The input filter currently available uses Trivial Graph Format like

[tgf engine:graph_phyz
a Label of A
d Label of D
a b Label of Relation between A and B (if render engine understands or allows)
a c
c d

Through views

Enable Views UI and visit the modules page.

See Graphing modules for more documentation.


See for a real life example.

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