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A collection of useful UI tools for working with fields.

Field tools is developed as and when I have need of the features. If this module is useful to you, please consider investing back some of the time you save by adding to the module's functionality. Check the issue queue and TODOs in the code for suggestions where to start.


  • Overview of all fields, sortable, with links to edit single instances
  • Clone a single field instance to other bundles
  • Clone field instances in bulk to other bundles
  • Clone form and view displays to other bundles, with support for Field Groups


  • Overview of fields with links to edit single instances, and all instances at once
  • Visual overview of relationships between entity types defined by entityreference fields, taxonomy reference fields, and schema properties, using GraphAPI
  • Clone any field instance to multiple entities and bundles
  • Clone all field instance of a bundle to multiple entities and bundles
  • Import and export fields
  • Delete multiple instances of a field
  • Apply a vocabulary to multiple entities and bundles at once (the same way vocabularies were applied to content types on Drupal 6)
  • ... your idea here. Patches welcome!
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