Google CSE

Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) is a free service that can be used to search a set of one or more sites.

After installing this module, simply configure the Drupal module to use CSE by entering Google's unique ID for your CSE. Once you have granted permission for one or more roles to search using Google CSE, users can search the current Google CSE index from search/google or a search block.

This module requires that clean URLs be enabled (Google also uses "q" in the query string).

The Google CSE uses Google's index of the site. Content changes are not immediately reflected in the results the way they are with Drupal's core search.

Drupal 8 Version

The port of this module to from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 has begun and is in active development. The current maintainers will try to keep as much of the functionality of the D7 module intact; however, some features will be left behind due to the fact the maintainers might not have complete enough info to properly port that feature. You can reference the planning issue here.

Features Removed:

  • google_cse_adv - This part of the module is not currently used by the maintainers and was incorporated from another module. It contains more advanced functionality that the free version of CSE.
Supporting organizations: 
Development of Drupal 7 Release
Development and Support of Drupal 8 Release
Development and Support of Drupal 8 Release

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