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The Game Utilities: Object module provides a structure and API for Game Objects
on your site. It defines the GameObject class that can be used to build other
object types suitable for many games, such as Swords, Trolls, and other items.


1. Copy the files to your sites/SITENAME/modules directory.
Or, alternatively, to your sites/all/modules directory.

2. Enable the Game Utilities: Object module at admin/build/modules.

3. You can configure Game Objects at admin/settings/game_object.

4. Set any required permissions at admin/user/permissions.

Developer's API

The base class will take care of saving any attributes stored on the object.
To use, you need to reference any such attributes with $object->get($attribute)
and $object->set($attribute, $value), unless the class specially defines or
overrides a function for accessing them, such as $object->get_name() or

As long as you access attributes with those methods, objects will be automatically updated as necessary on object destruction, unless it's been deleted. Additionally, this allows for specific overrides, such as allowing an object class to respond to a new setting.

Please see the module code for more documentation.

* Create an example class or three extending the basic GameObject class.

Game Utilities: Object Field

This included module will define a field to use in conjunction with Content Construction Kit to reference Game Objects within a node type.

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