Forena is database report writing software built on the Drupal platform. Forena is built of the idea that if you can write the SQL necessary to get the data out of a database, it should take very little work to get that data out on the web. It is designed to leverage knowledge of HTML, CSS, SQL and Java Script to help you create rich interactive web reports.

Note: Before trying out forena make sure you have private file systems properly configured. It doesn't need to be set as the default delivery method, but it does need to be configured.

Drupal 8 Version

Work on the Drupal 8 Version is in progress! I will release an early alpha once the base reporting engine is functional with unit test coverage before beginning work on the WYSIWYG reporting interface. The future of the Drupal 8 Version is a bit uncertain. Please help me understand where this product needs to go by filling out the survey at or by leaving a comment on this issue.


The current version allows you to create reports using SQL from Drupal, or using data stored in XML files.

It comes bundled with a couple of sample reports that will both demonstrate how reports are created, and provide useful information on your existing Drupal site.

Some key features include:

  • Create custom reports from your Drupal database.
  • Create custom reports against PDO supported database (SQLite, MySQL, MS SQL, etc).
  • Create custom reports against any Oracle database.
  • Create charts in SVG format.
  • Export data to CSV, EXCEL or XML versions of reports.
  • Create and edit HTML reports using a simple web UI (includes WYSIWYG editor support).

Integration with Other modules

  • Use Feeds to create nodes using forena data blocks and/or reports.
  • Use Bean to create drupal blocks out of forena reports.
  • Use Views with forena to create additional more complicated layouts than can typically be created using views. Forena provides a views rowstyle plugin that lets you use a forena report to format the output of a view.
  • Use Date to select dates to be used as report parameters, optionally using the Date Popup submodule.

Integration with external libraries

  • JQuery Datatables to support table pagination sorting and rows.
  • MPDF is used to dynamically create PDF documents.
  • PrinceXMLcommercial PDF generation Software
  • DocRaptor PDF generation service
  • SVGGraph is used to create SVG charts and graphs.
  • Virtually any JavaScript library may be used with Forena to produce amazing displays.

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Documentation about forena is available in various flavors:

Where does it get its name?

The project name is derived from the Swedish word that means to connect. That's just what we hope to do with this application is to connect people with their data.

Helping Out

We're always looking for more maintainers with a need for a good enterprise reporting application that really embraces the power of the web, XML, and relational data. Alternatively, you can install forena and build your own reports and charts and contribute them back.

Please stay tuned for future developments.

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