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This module provides an interface for administrators to expose directories on the file system to users through a file listing as in a FTP application.

You will create one node (node type dir_listing) for each each Directory Listing (DL). Node settings are used to control access and other features of the DL. These settings can vary per node and per user.

This module offers the following features:

  • Private downloads so that files (such as PHP files) can be downloaded.
  • File blacklists so that specific files can be removed from directory listings.
  • Node-based. All features available to nodes, such as path aliasing and access control can be applied to directory listings.
  • Settings to limit exploration of subdirectories

Filebrowser versions


Due to git-issues and also numerous api changes in the early D8 development cycle 8.x-1.x is disregarded and branch 2.x is used instead.

    New features and changes:
  • Multiple file upload
  • Drag & Drop file upload
  • Directories use URI instead of path.
  • Metadata entities in DB
  • Remote file system usage by enabling Drupal module flysytem

For full overview see the documentation.

7.x-3.3 is the current stable D7 branch

  • Amazon S3 support.
    Enable the sub module s3_fb to use your Amazon S3 storage. The path on the field "folder path" of the node edit page should be set as follows:

    s3://bucket_name[/directory][/directory]. For more information see the FileBrowser documentation.
  • Easy folder (directory) renaming and (recursive) deletion from the Filebrowser interface
  • Force download option.
    When you create the filebrowser node you can select this option. When a file link is selected the file will be downloaded. Default setting is unchecked. The file will open in the browser.

7.x-4.x is the the new development branch

In this version multiple file uploads and drag and drop is available by using the plupload integration module.
Install the module according the instructions on the project page.
Filebrowser will detect that plupload is enabled and use it's widget for the Filebrowser uploads.


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