FileBrowser in action

Allows site administrators to expose a particular file system folder and all of its subfolders with a fancy FTP-like interface to site visitors. File meta information (via descript.ion and files.bss) is supported. The module also allows these metafiles to store special content, which can be parsed with a callback. If no callback is specified in the file, only the description will be fetched.

This module tries to protect your files outside of the public folder from being listed, as well as trying to protect version control metafiles (CVS and .svn folders) from being listed, but there is no guarantee as usual, that this will never happen. If you find a bug, feel free to submit a bug report.

Filebrowser versions

  • 7.x-3.0 contains new features
    • Amazon S3 support.
      Enable the sub module s3_fb to use your Amazon S3 storage. The path on the field "folder path" of the node edit page should be set as follows:

      s3://bucket_name[/directory][/directory]. For more information see the FileBrowser documentation.
    • Easy folder (directory) renaming and (recursive) deletion from the Filebrowser interface
    • Force download option.
      When you create the filebrowser node you can select this option. When a file link is selected the file will be downloaded. Default setting is unchecked. The file will open in the browser.
  • 7.x-2.5 is the previous stable version. No DB update is required to upgrade to 7.x-3.0. Users are encouraged to upgrade. This versions status is set to bug-fix-only.
  • 6.x-2.2 status is bug-fix-only
  • New development is on it's way for D7 and will focus on replacing the file upload widget to enable multiple uploads and drag-n-drop as well as starting-up for D8.


  • susurrus : original code, D5 and D6 version.
  • arNum√©ral : rewrote D6 version (actual version).
  • clivesj : port to Drupal 7 and future development.

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