Provides integration between for the Plupload widget to upload multiple files and Drupal. Plupload is a GPL licensed multiple file uploading tool that can present widgets in Flash, Gears, HTML 5, Silverlight, BrowserPlus, and HTML4 depending on the capabilities of the client computer.

Important notice (read before posting any new issues!)

This is an API module. Unless you are a developer working on integration between your own module and Plupload integration, you shouldn't post any issues in this module's issue queue.

If you enabled Plupload on your site by installing contributed modules and you're experiencing any problems you need to post issues in the module that provides Plupload integration to your site (find the list at the end of the page). Their developers will redirect issues to Plupload integration queue if they think the problem comes from this module.

Security warning

In order to protect your site you should ALWAYS delete examples subfolder from Plupload library. There is a patch, that can help you to do that in one simple step or to include it in a distribution.

Compatibility warning

Library version v2.0.0 and later are currently unsupported. Latest supported version of library is v1.5.8, which can be downloaded from

Drupal 7 version

Drupal 7 version provides integration between Drupal and Plupload library via form element. You only need the 7.x version if another module tells you to download it.

This version is actively maintained.

Drupal 6 version

The current code is somewhat of a proof of concept that does a very simple thing: a single setting page, a single upload page, and content goes into an imagefield on a single content type using the HTML5 or HTML4 widgets. It creates one node per image. It assumes your allowed file extensions jpg,gif,png,jpeg.

D6 version is currently not maintained. We will only commit patches marked as RTBC. Feel free to contact module maintainer if willing to help.

Known problems

This should probably use one of the jQuery loaders and should probably put the javascript into the sites/all/libraries directory. Please, make an issue suggesting which jQuery loader is the best.

Modules which are integrated with Plupload

This is just a simple list. More infor about this modules can be found in the documentation. Everyone is kindly invited to contribute!

Drupal 8

Drupal 7

Drupal 6

Do you know another module that uses Plupload? Let us know in the issue queue and we'll add it to the list.

File entity notice

File entity module knows how to use Plupload at it's file upload page. In order to enable multiupload in File entity you need to enable Plupload and Multiform modules.


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