Orbit is an easy to use, powerful image slider that's responsive, allowing you to swipe on a touch-enabled device.

Official docs for the Foundation Orbit slider plugin can be found here.


This branch provides an Orbit slideshow display mode for image fields and field collections with images.

It is largely a port of the Field Slideshow module, fitted for Foundation Orbit.

This release is final and will only have security/critical bug fixes, and leverages Foundation Orbit from Foundation 3.


This branch leverages the Media 2.x dev module for file management to allow videos along with images in an Orbit slideshow. It is based off of the Orbit plugin in Foundation 4. If you have a Foundation 4 based theme, this module should work out of the box. It only supports File/Image fields with the Media File Selector widget for functional consistency over the 1.x branch.

It also lets you add additional fields to File Type entities, and display them into your slideshow, such as a link, caption, or text field for some razzle dazzle slide displays. Work on allowing bullet thumbnails is in progress.

Template files can also be used, overriding field-orbit.tpl.php for finer grained control of the markup. Basic Orbit HTML output is included in the default tpl.

Some real life examples in the wild:

Development sponsored by Inclind, Inc.

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