This Module provides an XLS file parser for the Feeds module. XLS files are the standard used by Microsoft Office Excel, and can be created by a number of other Spreadsheet applications.


It works in a similar way to the Feeds CSV parser, providing exactly the same options. The module should be able to read the following file formats (as supported by PHPExcel):

  • Excel 2007 (spreadsheetML)
  • BIFF5 (Excel 5.0 / Excel 95), BIFF8 (Excel 97 and higher)
  • PHPExcel Serialized Spreadsheet
  • Excel 2003 XML format
  • Open Office Calc (.ods)
  • Gnumeric
  • Symbolic Link (SYLK)
  • CSV (Comma Separated Values)

The module also dynamically creates template files for each import. These have not been extensively tested, although they do provide the following features:

  • If a field is required, the column in the template file will be required.
  • If the field is an "Options list", the field will provide a drop down box to the user.
  • As with the "Options list", if the field is a taxonomy, all values in the taxonomy will be embeded in an additional worksheet, with values in the cell restricted to values in the additional worksheet.


  • The PHPExcel library should be installed, either in a location that the Libraries module can find (if the Libraries module is installed), or in the feeds_xls folder. The folder should be renamed "PHPExcel". If you're having difficulty with this, try the instructions under the Issues queue, or as a last resort, post a help request.

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