Entity clone

What is this module?

This module add a new entity operation which allows to clone many of the entities (config & content) provided by the Drupal core.


At this time, Node, File, Comment, Custom block, Block, Block content type, Comment type, Contact form, Filter format, Image style, Menu, Responsive image style, User role, View (and more...) entities have the clone operation.

Entities fully supported:

  • Content
  • Comment
  • Comment block
  • File
  • User
  • Action
  • Block
  • Language
  • Date format
  • Form mode
  • View mode
  • Tex format
  • Image style
  • Menu
  • Responsive image style
  • Role
  • Search page
  • Shortcut set
  • View

Entities partially supported:

  • Custom block type
  • Comment type
  • Contact form
  • Content type

How does it work?

The module add a new operation on each entity in all manage lists

This module has no requirements

Supporting organizations: 

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