The Empty Page module is a simple empty page solution. It provides an interface that assists in managing "empty" menu callbacks, mostly used for pages that only consist of blocks.

At least once every project, I've needed to create a content-free page. There are times where I don't want to be limited to a views page, and creating an empty node page just seems dirty, since there is a node_load happening (an empty node that I never intend to have any content inside of) that is actually loading "nothing". An example of where empty pages are necessary are things like the home page, or a section landing page where you want several info blocks that you can freely move around if needed.


  • Features integration!
  • Add ability to use existing permission for callback access and provide option to create a new permission. After much thought, I'm leaning towards not doing this. The way I see it, the actual content on the page can handle permissions. Think of Empty Page as this - it gives you a blank page where otherwise you would get a 404 (or other content if you're overriding an existing path).

A note about duplicate functionality: I am aware of the Front module and its similarities - however it is limited to 1 hardcoded callback. I am also aware of Panels / Ctools + Page Manager. While Empty Page is trying to accomplish something very similar, Empty Page is completely disconnected from layout and will remain fundamentally simpler.

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