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Screenshot of the CKEditor WYSIWYG editor provided by the Editor CKEditor submodule.

Editor allows rich text fields to be edited using WYSIWYG client-side editors.

Editor is a backport of the Drupal 8 pluggable text/WYSIWYG editors and CKEditor module.


Editor has one dependency.

  • Filter module included with Drupal core.

The included Editor CKEditor module has one additional dependency.



Editor includes one submodule, Editor CKEditor, which adds CKEditor as a supported editor. CKEditor is a popular WYSIWYG editor that is included in Drupal 8 core. Editor CKEditor is packaged with the CKEditor library itself as well as a number of commonly used plugins.

Related Modules

  • Entity Embed: Allows any entity to be embedded using Editor.
  • Quick Edit: Allows content to be edited in-place using an Editor WYSIWYG editor.
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