(This module was originally called Edit, but was renamed because the same rename happened in Drupal 8 core. All versions up to 1.0 live there, versions 1.1 and later live here.)

In-place editing for fields on any entity. Including WYSIWYG editing powered by CKEditor.

In-place editing through forms will work for any field. For textual fields, "direct" editing is used, powered by contentEditable. For textual fields that have text processing enabled (i.e. Drupal's filter system), CKEditor's in-place editing ("true WYSIWYG") is used, if it is compatible with the text format of the text field. (E.g. if you're using Markdown, you'll get a form, but if you're using Drupal's "Full HTML" text format, you'll get direct editing through CKEditor.)

Developed for the Spark distribution!

Drupal 7

Works with any Drupal 7 site (requires the Entity API, CTools and Libraries API (>=2) modules, plus the Underscore.js (>=1.5) and Backbone.js (>=1.0) JavaScript libraries).
If in-place WYSIWYG editing is desired, you must also use the CKEditor module.

The CKEditor team graciously provides a Quick Edit-optimized build of CKEditor: http://download.cksource.com/CKEditor%20for%20Drupal/edit/ckeditor_4.4.3... — this is the easiest way to get started!

You may also want to install Quick Edit Tab for an even better UX, if you happen to be using the Mobile Friendly Navigation Toolbar module.

Initial Drupal 7 version generously sponsored by Radio France.

Drupal 8

Drupal 8 ships with Quick Edit!

Supporting organizations: 
Original development.
Initial Drupal 7 backport.

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