This service is maintained by the Drupal Licensing Working Group (LWG). When a profile/distribution includes an external library in a project's drush make file,'s packaging uses additional validation to check that the url of the library has been whitelisted.

  1. First, check to see if your library is already included in the list of existing whitelist entries. If so, you're set; nothing to do here!
  2. If the library is not listed, please search the existing queue to see if someone has already requested that library.
  3. If the library has not been whitelisted or requested, ensure the library meets all criteria for inclusion in the whitelist and verify that the license of all code in the library is GPL-2.0 compatible and all non-code assets are "GPL friendly".
  4. If all the criteria are met, create an issue to request it. The issue should include the following:
    • A link to the library itself (the library's home page, or the project page on GitHub, etc.).
    • A link to the license for the library, mentioning which version of license the library uses—please be specific, use this list to identify the license.
    • A list of any projects or installation profiles that currently use the library.

Project information