Manage your site status reports, available updates and filter release information using Dropfort.com


  • Remotely manage module/project updates
  • Remotely view your site status report
  • Filter available updates using you Drush make file
  • Get site health reports


We've created a series of videos to help setup the Dropfort Update module and using Dropfort in general.

Dropfort is open for free registration. Most v1 features are complete and we're looking for help to test and stabilize. Feel free to install the module and create an account at http://dropfort.com


Please be sure to set the $base_url value in your settings.php file to a fixed value. Drupal can improperly detect the $base_url value if it's running through drush vs through the web interface. The difference in values can cause issues with authenticating requests to Dropfort.com
Hopefully we can resolve this in a way where you won't have to fix that variable explicitly.

See #2412621: $base_url changes depending on whether drush triggers the update or the UI for more details.

Fortified Drupal.

Dropfort is forged by Coldfront Labs Inc.

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