This module provides date range facets similar to major search engines. The UI is provided as a Facet API widget called "Date range".


After installing this module, all date facets should have the "Date Range" widget available in the facet's display settings page. It is recommended that all facet sort settings are unchecked so that the items are displayed in the intended order.

The widget does not support the date query type ... WTF?

This could mean a couple of things. First, scroll down to the bottom left hand corner of the facet display settings page an make sure the "date_range" query type is selected. If the setting is not there, make sure this module integrates with the search backend you are using. Known module compatibility is outlined below.

Search Module Compatibility

  1. Apache Solr Search Integration
  2. Core Search module
  3. Search API


Date Facets is maintained by Chris Pliakas. Development of this module is sponsored by Acquia for use with the Commons distribution.

Follow Chris on Twitter: @cpliakas

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