This module allows you to create custom publishing options for nodes. It allows you to add to the default options of Publish, Promote to Front Page, and Sticky. It also ingrates with views to allow you add as a field, sort and filter by, your custom options.

It now allows each of the different options to be shown only on selected node types, as well as integration with Rules, Actions, and Features. Custom Publishing Options also have granular permissions per role, per option.

Using Custom Publish Options

A simple use case for this module would be creating an 'Archive' publish option on nodes. This would add an 'archive' property to the node under the Publishing options. Setting the node as Archived would allow you to then create sections with Views, and filter by nodes that have a status of Archive. Now that content is marked 'Archived', which you can use in Views or Solr to demote it from search relevancy but still have it available to users instead of unpublishing it, which removes it from the site entirely and makes it inaccessible.

Now that you can integrate with Rules, you could do a number of things with Custom Publish Options, like create your own publishing/editing workflows, mark content to be deleted, or other ideas to fit your needs.

Custom Publishing Options was featured as part of Lullabot's Module Monday.

Drupal 8

An alpha version is available for testing for Drupal 8, but is not fully functional yet. The basics work, and it works with Views, but Rules support is not yet implemented.

Drupal 7

The Drupal 7 version is very stable with a few reported issues. It will be reasonably maintained throughout Drupal 7's life, which will be supported until Drupal 9 is released.

Drupal 6

When Drupal 6 has hit EOL, the 6.x version of this module will be marked unsupported. That simply means that no current maintainer is actively working on new features or fixing bugs, and all 6.x issues will be closed out. You may still continue to use it as long as you wish for your Drupal 6 needs, it has been stable for many years now.

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8.x developed by Velir

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