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Usage of the complete module to track the completion of a website

Complete is looking for a new maintainer. If you are interested, please leave me a message via the contact form or make a new issue in the issue queue.

Complete is a simple module to instruct your users to perform certain actions in your website. It keeps track of the completeness of these actions. Complete harvests the power of rules to configure the kind of actions a user has to perform, and integrates with views for displaying the actions.


  • Rules integration. The module provides the condition "Is incomplete" and the action "Set complete". These should be added to all your rules that need to you want to track by this module.
  • Views integration. A default view called "Complete" is provided, containing two blocks with listings of incomplete and complete actions, and a page with all rules checked for completeness.

Related Modules

  • This module is related to Content Complete, but generalizes the concept of "completed fields" in CCK to rules. There are plans to integrate both modules.



  • Add a set of rules, and add the complete action.
  • Configure the permissions
  • Create nodes for each of your user tasks, and (1) associate them with a rule, (2) provide a trigger path, and (3) enter the number of times this task needs to be run
  • Enable the default complete view, and add the Complete/Incomplete blocks to your page.


This module is currently a proof-of-concept module and should not be used in production sites. It contains redundant settings (eg rules action/condition and trigger path), and other settings are incomplete. Contributions and suggestions are very welcome.

  • Sept. 3, 2009: Rewritten the module entirely. Now complete actions (eg 'adding an article') are stored as nodes, making them easily extendible with CCK. The views integration has also been rewritten. Soon to come: more views integration and updated documentation.


This project has been sponsored by Nuvole and Youth Agora.

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