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This module supports the creation of competitions. It provides management tools necessary for managing a continuous cycle of competitions that run on your site.


The primary features include:

  • Fieldable competitions
  • Multi-round judging
  • Public voting
  • Downloadable reports


Download this module to your Drupal modules folder and enable.

Global competition configuration

  • Goto Structure > Competitions > Settings

Competition configuration

  • Goto Structure > Competitions > Add competition

You can add fields to your competitions, similar to other D8 content entities.

Creating a competition entry

Users can create a competition entry at /competition/[machine_name]/enter


Configure your judging rounds

  1. Goto Structure > Competitions > [your_competition].
  2. Click the "Judging" table.
  3. Select the "Enable judging for the active cycle" checkbox.
  4. Add and configure rounds.
    • You can have unlimited rounds.
    • A "Pass/Fail" round allows judges to only select pass or fail for an entry.
    • A "Weighted Criteria" allows judges to score an entry based on different criteria.
    • Example criteria:
  5. Click "Save".

Set the active judging round:

  1. It is recommended that you create a "Competition Judge" role with the "Judge competition entries" permission.
  2. Grant the "Competition Judge" role to some users.
  3. You may also need to grant the "View the administration theme" to the "Competition Judge" role, depending on your installation.
  4. Set the competition status to "Closed".
  5. Goto Content > Competition entries > Judging.
  6. Click the "Setup" tab.
  7. The "Assign judges to rounds" section will list users with the "Judge competition entries" role. Use this section to configure which user should judge each round(s).
  8. Set the "Active round" to Round 1 and click "Update".
  9. Click the "Assign Entries" button to assign entries to the specific judge user.

Judging users can now login and judge entries.


The public voting feature is a special judging round. See the README in the "competition_voting" sub-mod.


The 5.x version was developed by colan and is no longer being maintained.

The 8.x version was sponsored by SochaDev and was developed by MattDanger, tea.time, natemow and Traverus.

Supporting organizations: 
Drupal 8 development
Drupal 5 development

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