We are a team of mercenary developers & producers with the skills & experience to design & implement just about any app, site, or API you can imagine. We mostly work subcontracting with other "end-to-end" digital agencies to help with overflow, triage, problem solving, etc. If you can spec it; we can make it happen.

Our full-time staff hovers around 8-10 people, mostly senior developers.

Drupal contributions

We are not a purely Drupal shop, but we have done and continue to do tons of Drupal work. It's probably 50-60% of our business. Most of us have been members of the Drupal community for many years and have contributed many modules, patches, etc. as well as attending countless meetups and cons. We've built projects large and small for many of the biggest names in the DC market, as well as other shops & agencies all over the US. We're not flashy or big-name, but we're in the trenches getting the job done every day.

Projects supported

Google Analytics Track Youtube, ngApp, Supercookie, Open AdStream, Competition