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Provides a rules, field and entity based approach to recurring billing for Drupal commerce.


Auto-generate new orders based on recurring configuration decoupling payment from recurring process and leveraging the payment responsibility directly to the payment method.


Very basic usage guidelines

  • Create a new recurring product and set the interval and prices for the recurring.
  • Checkout an order with that product.
  • New orders (and recurring entities updates) will occur on cron run.


Version 2 of Commerce Recurring Framework is active development process, check the
roadmap and documentation for version 2.

Check out Guguss excellent review of the module in this Commerce module Tuesday for a demo on how to use version 2 with Card on File

How can I help?

I'm glad you asked! There are a few ways to help:

  • Use the issue queue for getting support, report bugs and provide feedback. There are like a million use cases for this matter, so feedback is greatly appreciated.
  • Contribute to the documentation
  • Get in touch for paid customizations or sponsoring of features.

Drupal 8 port is in the way, but the version is not ready yet. See this issue for more details.

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