Provides recurring billing for Drupal commerce.

Drupal 8

The successor to both Commerce Recurring and Commerce License Billing for D7.
Powered by Advanced queue.


  • Configurable billing intervals (charge every N days/weeks/months/years)
  • Fixed and rolling interval types (charge on the 1st of the month VS 1 month from the subscription date)
  • Prepaid and postpaid billing types (charge at the beginning or at the end of the billing period).
  • Prorating (adjusting the charged price based on the duration of its usage)
  • Configurable retries (for payment soft/hard declines)

Planned: Usage tracking, free trials.

The module requires an on-site payment gateway such as Commerce Braintree.
On-site gateways allow using tokenized payment methods for repeated charges, avoiding the need to store sensitive information such as credit card numbers.
The "Example (On-site)" payment gateway provided by commerce_payment_example can be used for testing purposes.

Drupal 7

Important: 7.x-2.x is currently unsupported due to the maintainer stepping down. Get in touch if you'd like to take over.

Auto-generate new orders based on recurring configuration decoupling payment from recurring process and leveraging the payment responsibility directly to the payment method.

Requirements: Interval Field, Date, Entity Reference. Commerce Card On File is highly recommended.

Check out the review of the module on Commerce Module Tuesday for a demo on how to use 7.x-2.x with Card on File


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