This is a contribution to Drupal Commerce. This module adds the possibility to send the order data to the Google Analytics service.


  • Rules implementation which let you control when to send the analytics code to google analytics. This is useful if you redirect the user to a different page than the default checkout complete page

7.x-2.x branch (recommended)

Most of the 1.x branch bugs are solved in this versión which is stable enough to use.

GA Push integration. Module with the php-ga library for sending all transactions to google analytics. This should reduce the bugs of transactions not send to google analytics. This is still a dev but pretty stable branch, feel free to test this release and provide feedback in the issue queue.


  • GA Push integration
  • Universal and Classic analytics support
  • Rules integration


  • Google Analytics module.
  • GA Push
  • Recommended: GA Push configured to work with PHP-GA (library) or UTMP-PHP.

    You can configure it on

    • ga_push settings (global): /admin/config/system/ga-push
    • custom rules settings: /admin/config/workflow/rules/reaction/manage/commerce_google_analytics_rule_ga

7.x-1.x branch

Initial development branch


  • Classic analytics support



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