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The collection module provides a simple way to group nodes into a 'collection' with an associated node. For instance, a news site might want to group articles together under a given topic, and allow users to jump between articles.


  • Use any node reference CCK field on the collection node to bind the nodes together.
  • Provides a block that shows the collection nodes the currently viewed node is part of.
  • Provides a block that lists the other nodes part of the same collections.
  • CTools content_types variations of the 2 blocks, which takes a node
    context instead of trying to guess the node from the URL.
  • Uses custom build_modes, allowing for custom CCK field display settings
  • Theming friendly blocks.
  • CTools relationship to fetch the first collection node as
    context. Allows Panels 3 to use the collection node, which opens up
    for many possibilities.

Warning: The 2.x branch only works with CCK 2.5 or greater.

Developed by Peytz & Co.

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