This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Tools useful for integrating with Bitcoin and derived currencies.

Current modules:

  • Cointools
    • Text filter to convert &bitcoin; to Bitcoin symbol
    • Address Field - validates Bitcoin address, renders as payment link or QR code
    • Amount Field - selectable units, displays proper Bitcoin currency symbol
    • Transaction Field - stores transaction ids and displays information retrieved from bitcoind
    • BIP70 Payment Protocol
    • Payments can be completed with ShapeShift
  • Daemon
    • Facilitates bidirectional communication with bitcoind
    • Transaction browser
    • Send / receive UI
    • Can generate payment addresses from an xpub
  • Fiat - converts bitcoin amounts into fiat currencies
  • Spam Filter - requires a dust transaction before a form can be submitted

Integration with Payment to follow.

Requires Composer Manager and PHP 5.5.

Extra Drupal 7 requirements:

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