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Adds a library to allow tables to function better in responsive layouts.

The pattern is taken from an article posted by the Filament Group

You can manually add the library to any table on the site. You also have the option of using the Better Views Tables module to configure the responsive table controls through the Views UI.


Dave Reid is maintaining a straight backport of the responsive table functionality that has landed in Drupal 8 core (and core's Views module). Using this version will make your Views and code completely forward-compatible with Drupal 8.

This version contains the following changes backported to Drupal 7 only:

Sample Implementations

Intro Video:


Hopefully we'll be able to integrate with these updates if they make their way to D7: #1796230: Support responsive tables

Sponsored by Coldfront Labs Inc.

Maintained by Chris Kahn (aptorian)

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