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VOD Imported Items in Grid

This module simplifies the process of adding feeds from different Video on Demand (VOD) providers and provides some additional interfaces to the normal Feeds Importer.

This project includes "lookup" modules that support matching Media: YouTube, Media: Cloudcast, Media: Archive, and Media: Solidtango with existing Show nodes on import or as a batch. This workflow is essential to allow Show to serve as both the tool for producers to submit metadata to the station and reuse specific fields in a public facing video on demand archive.

This module is co-maintained by Stefan Wray (stefanwray) of channelAustin in Austin, TX as part of the CMDrupal project. It is designed to be used with other modules included in the Community Media Start Kit (Easy). Consider joining the growing community who have made a commitment to contribute.

SCREENCAST: Importing Media Directly with Crazy Sideburns

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