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Show defines a basic content type designed to collect information from a producers about the show. In the simplest configuration, Show can replace the paper "cablecast agreement" most stations use. The workflow that controls a Show from submission to published node is entirely up to the organization. Some stations only publish select Shows after a staff review. Other stations publish every Show with a VOD.

We are looking for a co-maintainer of this module as part of the CMDrupal project. It is designed to be used with other modules included in the Community Media Start Kit (Easy and Moderate). Consider joining the growing community who have made a commitment to contribute.

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Modules commonly used to customize Show form:

AFTER you have configured your Show content type to capture all the metadata you need for scheduling and reporting AND have defined the permissions for who can create Shows, you should explore adding Video on Demand on your site using the Community Media Show VOD. That module add a new content type for adding VODs and a field to associated the VOD with Shows.

Video on Demand can be added from a number of providers including (YouTube, Vimeo, BlipTV, and Cablecast).

It is possible to automate the process of linking Show metadata to new VOD files using VOD Feeds module, but this often requires some custom code. It is also possible to push metadata from Drupal to a playback server using modules like Telvue, but this requires a thorough understanding of both Drupal and the playback server.

The Show modules is designed to start very simple with step by step instructions to walk you through configuring the form your members will eventually use.

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