All the software you need to run a LETS, Timebank or Community Exchange.
This distribution is maintained by nonprofit Community Forge which offers free hosting for it. (for some reason 150 installations not included in the count below!) Full french translation is available, other languages partly done.
Features in D7 version:

  • Accounting (using Community Accounting)
  • Offers and Wants (using Offers & wants)
  • Photo gallery, events and news Feed
  • Membership expiry
  • Simple document library, with privacy and categories.
  • committee & accountant roles built in
  • Support for non-internet users, including masquerade, and printable reports
  • Broadcast feature to notify all users of urgent content
  • Access control over user profiles (coming)
  • Launch tool, to reset passwords and send login tokens to all users
  • drush commands to reset blocks, menu links, translations and permissions
  • customise translations (using Localization client)
  • Real names, (similar to RealName) and optionally login using account number (using Uid Login)
  • Richtext support for content and email notifications
  • Some advanced help (needs your contributions!)
  • Everything very drupalish so extension should be easy
  • upgrades from drupal 6

There are a couple of quirks. For more details see profiles/cforge/README.txt. Briefly though, ensure composer is installed and cd to the drupal root:

  1. rm -rf profiles/cforge/modules/backup_migrate/composer.json
  2. composer require "drupal/address ~1.2"
  3. chmod -R 777 profiles/cforge/modules

Drupal 8 demo (beta)
Drupal 7 demo (French)

Contact the author for more info on a mobile phone app, and federating sites.

Community Forge relies entirely on donations from users.

Ask for help if necessary. The d7 site supports migration of users, offers, wants and transactions, in csv format which may be easier than struggling with the fragile upgrade script.

D8 has 3 flavours, one for Community Forge, one for migrations from CES, and one emulating Local Exchange in use by LETSLink UK. If in doubt, choose Hamlets at the end of installation.

Project information